The FreeStyle Team...

David Osbourn


Previously Head of Game Design, Codemasters Software. Managed the design team at Codemasters for over 8 years, responsible for franchises such as Colin McRae, MTV, TOCA, Downhill Mountain Biking, Prisoner of War and Insane.

Jamie Jackson


Previously Senior Artist at Codemasters Software. Background in product design and specialism in rapid prototyping and model creation. Previously responsible for titles such as Colin McRae 2 & 3, Dragon Empires and Insane.

Graham Watson

Senior Lead Programmer

Previously Lead Programmer at Codemasters Software, managing the programming teams for the ToCA Race Driver series, Colin McRae DiRT, and EGO Engine. Specialises in engine architecture and graphics programming. Over 11 years of games industry experience.

Phil Hindle

Technical DIRECTOR

Previously CTO, Codemasters Software. Previously managing the Codemasters core libraries team providing technology & support to all internal projects. Over 16 years of games industry experience, starting on the Amiga.