Our Work

So up to this point, we’re probably best known as the team that created DJ Hero, right? Our most recent release was SiNG Party - the innovative WiiU launch title for Nintendo - and we also worked on the earlier Guitar Hero games. So who could be better placed to lovingly craft and reinvent GH for the new consoles? Although we are passionate about our music games, we are more than that still. We’re currently working on taking Call Of Duty to the Chinese gamers this year and more besides that we would love to - but can’t - tell you about yet.


Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live is here! FreeStyleGames have reinvented the legendary franchise.

Watch the full trailer on GuitarHero.com and get your pre-order in now!


Call of Duty Online

We are working with our US partner studio Raven Software to bring Call Of Duty to Chinese gamers for the first time.

Working with Chinese tech giant Tencent, CoD Online is currently in open Beta.

DJ Hero

We invented and take great pride in the awesome DJ Hero games series.

You should still totally go back and experience it again. The mixes, the gameplay and the visuals are still incredible.