The DJ's Favourite Mixes...

"This was actually the first mix any of us made for DJH2 in early Summer 2009. As time went on, it became central to the PR campaign for the second game. I even got to watch 50 strippers perform a tightly choreographed routine to it at the Staples centre in L.A. for E3."

Jack Murphy. Lady Gaga / Just Dance vs. Deadmau5 / Ghosts n Stuff (DJH2)

“The challenge was to create one of the hardest mixes in the game, while keeping it as musical as possible.”

Don Laing - Pirate SoundSystem. Herbie Hancock / Rockit (Beat Juggle) (DJH1)

"I only started working on DJ Hero 2 halfway through its production. Apart from being one of the first tracks I knew was going to make it to the final game, it was also well received among my fellow DJs in the studio; it was a really exciting feeling knowing that millions of people were going to play through a mix I had created."

Roi. David Guetta vs. Pirate Soundsystem (DJH2)

“Probably the most challenging mix I’ve ever made, both in terms of game play and in production. I’m still really proud of the DSP applied to the Satisfaction acapella from around 1:00 onwards. I also love the fact there are only about 3 scratches in the whole 5 minutes of this track.”

Josh - Pirate SoundSystem. Benny Benassi / Satisfaction vs. Tiesto / Elements Of Life (DJH1)

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