About Freestyle Games

Founded in 2002 by a highly talented and experienced team of seasoned professionals coming from AAA studios such as Rare and Codemasters, FreeStyleGames is a ground-breaking development company based in Leamington Spa and home to over 90 highly talented and ambitious employees.

The studio was acquired in September 2008 by Activision | Blizzard and is now a wholly owned part of their independent studio network.

What We Do

From the release of our first title the unique breakdancing game B-Boy, FreeStyleGames have maintained a dedication to producing highly polished AAA titles with a focus on original intellectual property and mass-market music-rhythm gaming.

We’re perhaps best known for the innovative award winning DJ Hero games, the first of which was released in 2009 and represented a completely new take on the peripheral-based music video game genre. It was followed by a sequel in 2010 that further refined and improved upon the original as well as introducing the new singleplayer Empire mode as well as several new multiplayer modes.

Both games featured original mixes, created in-house that were widely praised by both gamers and the DJ community alike.

Our most recent release SiNG Party, is an original karaoke game for the WiiU that utilises the gamepad to provide an innovative twist on the genre, developed as a first party with Nintendo. This represented an amazing opportunity to work with one of gaming’s best known names on a completely new console.

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